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  • Monster Mugshots: Bundle Quilt Option
  • Monster Mugshots: Bundle Quilt Option
  • Monster Mugshots: Bundle Quilt Option
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Monster Mugshots: Bundle Quilt Option

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Throw Quilt Size: 54 x 68”  

Monster Mugshots: Werewolf Mini Quilt Pattern
Monster Mugshots: Witch Mini Quilt Pattern
Monster Mugshots: Vampire Mini Quilt Pattern
Monster Mugshots: Frankenstein's Monster Mini Quilt Pattern
PLUS! Instructions for sashing and a border to create an epic and chilling quilt that will bring these iconic monsters to life, one stitch at a time!

Are you a daring quilter with a taste for the eerie and the unknown? Do you dream of stitching up quilts that send shivers down your spine? Look no further, fearless craftsperson, for we have just the spine-tingling treat you've been waiting for – the "Monster Mugshots: Bundle Quilt Option"! 

Endless Possibilities: Mix and match patterns to create your very own eerie quilt masterpiece or stitch them all for a spine-chilling collection that will leave a lasting impression.

Unleash your creativity and craft your own terrifyingly beautiful quilts with the "Monster Mugshots: Bundle Quilt Option." Don't miss your chance to embrace the unknown and turn fabric into frightful works of art! Get your bundle today and let the quilting adventure begin!

I believe quilters can do anything they set their minds to, but also know certain things aren’t everyone’s cup of nightshade. This pattern contains a lot of pieces, many of them very tiny in 1/8 of an inch increments. The pattern also requires precision piecing to get the unit measurements correct so that they all go together as intended. If you can sew two 2.25” strips together and have the width come out to 4” you should be fine. Measurements are given at the end of each step so you can keep track of whether your units end up at the proper size as you go through the pattern.