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If you are a guild or shop looking to bring in guest speakers or teachers, let's chat! I've included information below about some of my lecture and workshop offerings. I'm also happy to develop one just for you! Contact me for information about rates and scheduling. I'm happy to appear in person or virtually based on your needs. Let the fun begin!

Lecture Presentations

Creating Quilts Inspired by Graphic Design

Modern quilts and graphic design were meant to be best friends. Do you love the modern aesthetic but want to know more about where some quilters' ideas come from? I have been a professional graphic designer for over a decade, and a quilter just as long. This lecture will explore how my work as a graphic designer influences my quilt designs. Attendees will see examples of work that inspires me and how I use inspiration to create original work. I will talk about design trends in the graphic design industry and how they relate to quilting.

Inspiration vs Derivation

As quilters, we see quilts everywhere. Rugs, wallpaper, modern art – inspiration is all around us. This lecture dives deep into what it means to be inspired, and how you can create quilts that are original and not derivative of your inspiration. We will go over examples of inspiration and how exactly you can use that inspiration to create something unique. Ready to create artwork that is truly your own?

Sample Workshops

Improv Memphis Appliqué

Ready to head back to the 80s and create a modern improv appliqué pillow in the Memphis design aesthetic? This class will show examples of Memphis design from the past and present, followed by instruction on how you can create your very own design using common shapes and appliqué. We will cover basic shapes, practice drawing them, and then discuss how to create a balanced composition. Once the designs are ready, we will dive into how to use freezer paper appliqué to bring your design to life. You will learn the basics of freezer paper appliqué and how to add a little pop to the pillow with faux trapunto.

Freezer Paper Appliqué Pillow

Do you love Scandi design? Perhaps you have a beautiful collection of vintage Pyrex decorating your shelves? Do you wish you could have lunch and pick Mary Blair's brain? If any of those describe you, then you'll surely love this class where we'll create a vintage inspired floral pillow using freezer paper appliqué. Students will learn the basics of the technique, how to tackle appliqué curves, making a perfect leaf point, reverse appliqué for the cut-outs of the flower, and at the end students have a pillow sham that will be a beautiful accent in any home.

Advanced Piecing

Ready to take your piecing skills to the next level? This class covers a variety of advanced piecing techniques that will take students from novice to advanced piecer in no time. While working through the pattern in class, students will learn about templates and how to work with them. Students will also learn to master the scant quarter inch for accurate piecing, tackle curves and inset circles, pressing techniques, and even a little bit of appliqué! If you're looking to learn a lot of new skills in one class, this is the one for you. At the end of class you'll be able to use your blocks to make a mini quilt, or several pillows!

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