Quilt Fearlessly

I am a graphic designer, quilter, and color enthusiast. I aim to make colorful quilts that blend the graphic patterns of the design world with the time-honored tradition of patchwork. With great attention to detail, each quilt is designed with graphic purpose and balance. I try to make contemporary quilts inspired by design, but achievable by today’s quilter.

I have been quilting for almost a decade. I grew up the daughter of a quilter and have always had crafting in my blood. I'm a fan of both modern and traditional quilts, and like seeing how the two styles can work together. I often refer to my style as "Graphic Quilting" because I like bold, graphic shapes and bright colors. I am thrilled to also be part of the BERNINA 2021 class of ambassadors!

With my graphic design and crafty background, I feel quilting is something I was meant to do. I can spend hours on my computer designing a million quilts, or days in my sewing room working on a project. I enjoy learning new techniques and challenging myself to do things the hard way. I also enjoy the challenge of writing patterns that people will find easy to follow, regardless of their skill level.

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