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The Little Ghost Who Was A Quilt Ghost Pillow Tutorial Update

Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt

Last year I wrote a ghost pillow tutorial for the BERNINA We All Sew blog and then discovered the adorable book, "The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt" by Riel Nason. This year I decided my nephew needs the book, a matching pillow and quilt. 


I went through my stash for blues, creams and whites and got to work cutting 2.5" squares for the pillow and 5" squares for the quilt. I used a single fabric for the back of the ghost pillow last time, but this time I decided to do patchwork on both sides. You can find the full tutorial for the ghost pillow here. For my quilt I'm doing 12 rows of 12 5" squares. 

Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt Pillow Flat

I wanted to update the face for the ghost to more closely match the book. I went with a little smile which I think turned out pretty cute! I am still working on the quilt but I plan to add a face to that as well. If you'd like the updated faces you can click here to download the pdf for the pillow and quilt version. 

Little Ghost Face Download

I prefer turned-edge applique, but for folks not interested in that I highly recommend HotFix Adhesive for raw edge applique. It is super easy to use and the only raw-edge adhesive I'll bother with! 

If you make a pillow use the hashtag #patchworkghostpillow and tag me on Instagram so I can see your beautiful work! Stay Spooky and Happy Sewing!

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