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Modern Heirloom Quilting by Alderwood Studio

Corinne's Tulipa from Modern Heirloom Quilting

Many of you are probably familiar with Amber Elliot of Alderwood Studio, but if you’re not you’re in for a treat. Amber is many things and I don’t know how she finds time to do as much as she does, especially considering she is raising tiny humans. She designs quilt patterns, runs a quilt membership box, teaches a course on writing quilt patterns, does consults for folks in the quilty business, and now she is adding published author to her impressive resume.

Amber’s book, Modern Heirloom Quilting, is officially available today! You can purchase an autographed hardcover copy via her website and a paperback version is available on Amazon. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy and try out one of the projects, more on that in a bit. Let’s chat about the book first.

Modern Heirloom Quilting Book

When I first started quilting I was addicted to quilting books and I’m so thrilled to add this to my library. Modern Heirloom Quilting is full of fun projects of all sizes, many with multiple size options for a given project, which isn’t something you see a lot in book format. The instructions are easy to follow with helpful illustrations and gorgeous photography. There are also photographs of the different projects in different colorways which is a fun bonus element. All of the projects are perfect for a contemporary home. This honestly is a great book for quilters who don’t know what to make for their loved ones who claim they “don’t like quilts” (I refuse to believe that statement, they just don’t know what fits in with their aesthetic).

Amber posted the image below on Instagram earlier this year and I immediately fell in love with the quilt. I was pretty dead-set on doing it as my project before I had seen the book. When the book arrived I was thrown for a loop because even though I love, love, love Tulipa, there were SO many other projects I wanted to try out. Check out the links to the rest of the blog hop participants below to check out which projects they chose. I ultimately went with my original plan, but it was a really hard decision.


Amber is amazing with color and tends to use neutral/earthy tones that always look amazing. While I love that aesthetic, I wanted to make my Tulipa more “me,” so naturally I went with a bold vibrant colorway. I made the baby size version and honestly still might make the larger one. Y’all know I like curves, and if you’re new to them the large curve of the tulip is a great place to start. The half circles are a bit more challenging, but the way the quilt is put together is very forgiving and will look great no matter how perfect your seams match up. The important thing is to try, and know you’ll get better with practice! If your units aren’t perfect, don’t worry, quilts crinkle in the wash. I didn’t have enough time to get it quilted unfortunately, but here is a close-up of the quilt top.

Corinne's Tulipa

If you enjoy modern, contemporary quilts please show Amber some love and check out her new book! As promised, here is a list of the other blog hop participants so you can oogle over their amazing projects:


Last but not least, here is a direct link to Amber's website where you can learn more about the book!


Stay Quilt Y'all!

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