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  • Appliqué Sample Pack

Appliqué Sample Pack

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The Appliqué Sample Pack includes:

  • One sheet of heavy-duty freezer paper
  • One sheet of water-soluble appliqué paper
  • One half-sheet of heat resistant mylar template plastic
  • One copy of the Butterfly Project Template on copy paper

As a bonus I've also included one cuticle stick and one die-cut mylar circle specific to the butterfly project that you can use for the perfect circle technique. Karen Kay Buckley's perfect circles are much nicer and thicker, but the die-cut will at least give you a feel for the technique if you aren't ready to invest in the full set of circles. 

Shipping is included in the price. Sorry, shipping within the US only. 

Product image is from the Easy Ways to Applique Tutorial Series. Cutting Mat, fabric, and block are not included. You will need to cut your own butterfly shapes from the sheets in the sample pack.